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Fun Fact

Not many companies have a mission statement to help Accountants, but Patriot does!

Our Partner Program Is Known For...

  • You pay nothing to join.
  • Discounts increase as your business grows.
  • Free setup with our dedicated onboarding team.
  • Free USA-based support.
  • No long-term contract — quit anytime.
  • Handle an unlimited number of clients.
  • Free co-branding.

Accountant Special Pricing Partner pricing for bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs

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Reports for Partners Only ... Manage hundreds of clients with ease.

Payroll Tax Settings

View your clients’ federal deposit frequencies (e.g., semiweekly or monthly), SUTA tax rates, and more.

Payroll Info

Keep tabs on vital payroll information, like the number of employees each client has, the next scheduled pay date, and the next tax collection.

Employee Payroll

Get the gross wage, employee tax, employer tax, net pay, deduction, and contribution info you need with the click of a button.

Full Service Onboarding

Use this report to determine which clients have completed their onboarding, who still needs to onboard, and what information you need.

Onboarding Tools Onboarding with Patriot is easy. We'll import your data for you.

Onboarding File Importer

Upload your client data to us in spreadsheets, reports, or templates, and our dedicated Setup Team takes it from there!

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Onboarding Dashboard

This real-time tool allows Partners to watch Patriot’s Onboarding Team’s progress as we onboard your client data.

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Client Management Tools Easily manage hundreds of your clients with our power tools.

Umbrella Login

Log in once to see all of your clients in one location. Use the Switch button to instantly navigate to your client of choice.

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Unlimited Users & Permissions

Partners are given the option to decide who can access accounts and how.

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Benefits You and Your Clients Will Appreciate

No Fees to Partner

There are no fees to partner with Patriot.

Discounted Pricing

As a Partner, you can receive special pricing as noted above. The more clients you have, the deeper your discounts.

Free For You!

When you have six or more active clients, you can use accounting and payroll software for your firm for free.

Free 2-day Expedited Direct Deposit

Free expedited direct deposit for you and all of your approved clients.

Consolidated Billing

Patriot will bill you at reduced rates, so you can invoice your clients according to your practice fees.

Free Co-branding

Co-branding is free with Patriot. Add your logo to make Patriot Software reflect your firm's brand.

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Free Expert Support

Free USA-based support via phone, email, or chat. We support you. You support your clients.

Dependable & Accurate

Leave accounting and payroll mistakes behind. We're tested and audited to be accurate.

An Awesome Find I really do love it.

I can not say enough good things about Patriot Software to even come close to the high level of quality care and employee's amazing service. Wish I had come over to Patriot Software many many years ago. You are definitely the very best.

Lisa, Partner

I have several clients that I utilize Patriot payroll software for, and I anticipate I will be adding many more. I do love your product. The service I have received from your people has been great, and the software is very easy to use. I really do love it. I started using your software simply because I have had a terrible time finding good service/reasonable fees from Paycor, ADP, and Paychex. I was looking for a solution that I could start doing some of my clients' payroll in house, and Patriot has been an awesome find.

Ryan, Partner

I know Patriot has everything under control. It makes my month much smoother for the clients...

I value the simplicity of the interface and the customer support because I don’t want to think about payroll.

James, Partner

These people are amazing. I've dealt with many (too many!) payroll companies where it's almost impossible to talk to anyone, let alone solve a problem. They are easy to get hold of, easy to work with, able to solve problems, and their software is easy to use.

I have 30 years experience in this business--I've switched all my clients over to Patriot!

Anne, Partner

The biggest benefit is that I can offer more payroll services to clients, and then take on more clients. I can provide more payroll offerings I wouldn’t have offered otherwise.

And, there’s a lot of flexibility with Patriot. For some clients, I handle their payroll totally. I run it and monitor it. Other clients just want me to set it up for them, and then they’ll take it from there. If they have questions, they just call me. I do monitor the clients who run their payroll themselves, too. There’s a big balance with the flexibility.

Samuel, Partner

Great accounting software with payroll options. They make it easy to partner with them so that you can offer your clients the best accounting services. The price is a plus. Customer service is always available.

Mora, Partner

Patriot Beats the Competitors! So says Software Advice...

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Accountant Partner Program FAQs Accountants' questions ... our answers!

Seriously, What's Not to Love?

  • Low prices, deep discounts.
  • Free and easy setup.
  • Free 2-day direct deposit.
  • Power tools for Accountant Partners.
  • USA-based support.
  • Powerful, award-winning, yet easy software.
  • One platform — everything's integrated.
  • And, it's provided by a vendor who loves Accountants!

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