Online Time and Attendance Software for Small Business

Time & Attendance Software

An optional add-on to payroll — you can manage employee time cards in seconds

Time & Attendance starting at $6/month+ $2 per employee

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Approve Time Cards in Record Time… and send work hours to Payroll with 1 click.

1. View Time Cards

View the details of the time cards that are ready to be approved.

2. Approve Time Cards

If all the details seem to be in order, simply approve the time card!

3. Send to Payroll

After approving remaining time cards, send the information directly over to payroll! Easy and efficient.

Time & Attendance Tools Manage employees’ work hours—alongside your payroll.

Customize Overtime Rules for Your Business

Standard FLSA overtime rules just not cutting it? Now, you can create your own—with our custom overtime rules feature. Set up special overtime rules to stay compliant with your state or local government or company policy.

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Time Summary Report

View or print employee work hours (regular, overtime, double time, vacation) for any or all employees by year, or specific pay periods.

Nudge Tool

Sick of those pesky late time card submissions? Use our nudging tool to send employees email notifications that their time cards are due.

Bulk Approve

Approve time cards at the speed of a single click! Approve time cards in bulk or individually.

Search Function

Need to find something super specific? Our search function has you covered.

Features to Streamline Your Timekeeping

Employee Portal

Employees can clock-in and out via the online employee portal, MY Patriot. You simply approve their work hours, and then payroll’s a snap!

Create Custom Overtime Rules

Create custom overtime rules to stay compliant with your state or company overtime policies.

Time Summary Report

Your go-to report to see summary and details by the day of each employee’s recorded time.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Approve time cards from your weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly employees. Then, send them to payroll with a click of a button.

No More Time Clocks

There are no time-clocks or software that you have to purchase, install, or maintain. Run Time & Attendance anywhere you have an internet connection.

Manual Hour Entry or Time Punch

Pick manual entry or time punch entry type for your weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly pay frequencies. Approve or reject (or nudge if they forgot!) and quickly send to payroll!