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Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Background on Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As a Patriot Software customer, you have the ability to pay your workers’ compensation insurance premiums in small amounts based on each payroll (referred to as “pay as you go” workers’ comp insurance). Patriot Software has partnered with NEXT Insurance to offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage to our payroll customers.  NEXT Insurance (formally known as AP Intego Insurance Group) is a nationally licensed broker and a major provider of workers compensation and other lines of property and casualty coverages.  Workers Compensation is available to all customers in states that allow purchasing workers’ comp insurance from a private carrier.  NEXT offers a “Pay-As-You-Go” (PAYG) program, through multiple insurance carriers, that lets businesses pay their workers’ comp premiums each time they run a payroll.

If your business is located in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, or Wyoming, you are required to purchase your workers’ compensation insurance directly from your state, and are not eligible for the PAYG program. For more background on workers’ comp insurance, see How Do I Find Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Advantages of Pay As You Go (PAYG) Workers’ Comp Insurance

  • No upfront premium payment
  • No need to budget for large lump-sum premium payments
  • Your workers’ compensation premium payments are spread over the entire year in smaller amounts
  • Your premium is calculated on your actual payroll dollars, not an estimate
  • A simplified audit reduces the chance of additional or return premium
  • Patriot Software payroll is fully integrated with AP Intego workers’ compensation premiums
  • AP Intego will collect your premiums each pay period

To Begin using PAYG Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  1. When you log into Patriot Software, you will see information about about how to get a quote for workers’ compensation insurance through Next Insurance (formally AP Intego) in the Marketplace main menu, the Payroll Home page, and under Settings > Payroll > Workers’ Comp Settings.
  2. From any of these pages, click “Get a Quote.”
  3. An online form will open in a new browser tab. This is a quote request form.
  4. Complete all of the fields and click “Submit.” This will submit your information directly to Next Insurance (not Patriot Software).

Watch this short video on how to get a quote with Next Insurance (formally AP Intego) for workers’ comp or other types of business insurance.

After NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) receives your request for a quote, they will contact you within 4 business hours, and will typically issue you a quote the same day. If you choose to accept their quote and obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy, AP Intego will collect your bank account info from you. They will directly debit the workers’ comp premiums from your bank account the week following each payroll.

Ongoing PAYG Process Each Payroll

  • At the time your PAYG workers’ compensation policy has been established, NEXT insurance (formally AP Intego) will notify Patriot Software.
  • You will need to confirm your company-level workers’ comp codes have been added and assigned to each of your employees.  For details, see:
  • Patriot Software will then begin to send your payroll data to NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) beginning with paychecks dated on or after the effective date of your PAYG workers’ comp insurance policy. The payroll data includes each employee’s name, classification code, and payroll dollars.
  • NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) will receive your payroll data and use this to calculate your workers’ compensation premiums based on your premium rates per $100 of payroll for each classification code.  The premium is calculated every Wednesday.
  • NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) will send you an advice of debit for the premium amount for that payroll on Thursday, and debit your bank account the following Monday.
  • This process will repeat each time you run a payroll. If you run more than one payroll per day, all payrolls will be sent together to NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) for that day.

Patriot will send any completed payrolls to NEXT at the end of each weekday, Monday through Friday. If you run a payroll over the weekend, the data will be sent to NEXT at the end of the following business day.

To transfer your existing PAYG policy with NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) to Patriot

If you are an existing client of NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) with a workers’ comp policy and are changing payroll providers to Patriot Software, please contact NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) directly at or (888) 289-2939.  NEXT will then notify Patriot that your policy has been transferred and will confirm the paycheck date for Patriot to begin sending over your payrolls.

Have policy questions?

If you are an existing PAYG customer and have questions about your workers’ comp policy, you can contact NEXT directly at or (888) 289-2939.
New customers can contact NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) at or (888) 289-2939.

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